A little about A...

Who is Augustine?

  Augustine is the VP of Operations for the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. Prior to the non-profit sector, he worked in the trades as a Master Journeyman installing Marble and Stone for nearly 20 years, through Local #1 (BAC) in Washington.   

 Augustine was promoted to a foremen position and in 2003 became Senior Project Manager at a commercial flooring company in Seattle by netting large scale construction projects. In 2006, things took a turn for the worse, and Augustine was sentenced to over 7 years in prison. With strength, a resolute faith, and a determination, to turn things around, Augustine began to focus his attention on what he terms as “change from the inside out.”  

 In prison, he began working for Edmonds Community College helping inmates to acquire their G.E.Ds and teaching basic computer skills. He established what came to be known as the “Round Table Meetings” using group dynamics to help inmates with self-esteem enhancement.  The Round Table Meetings morphed into what would later be called the Ready 4 Release or the “R4R” class at Monroe Correctional Complex. It was the first of its kind in Washington's prison system where inmates could work to help other inmates without any outside sponsor or supervision. Augustine facilitated the R4R class until his release in 2013, when he passed the facilitation torch to fellow inmates, so the class could continue, where it ran through 2014. It was in mid-2015 that Augustine was approached by the Department of Corrections to go back into Monroe as a contractor to teach the Ready 4 Release class and to date, the class and/or part of the curriculum has touched the lives of 500+ individuals.  

 In April, 2014, Augustine was hired by the Urban League as a Program Navigator/Case manager, and facilitator for the Career Bridge program. After successfully completing six Cohorts, including one at Monroe Correctional Complex, he was promoted to Workforce Development Director. Additionally, by helping to make Career Bridge an accredited program, Augustine was hired as and a faculty member at Seattle Colleges.  

 In addition to his previously mentioned work load, Augustine is the "A" in From A to Z and the President of From A to Z, LLC, a Ready 4 Release instructor, Social Change advocate and The Cita Group’s founding member.